Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dave: Wisdom from a Reluctant Leader

I got my first draft horse, Dave as an untrained yearling. He has grown into a picture, perfect Percheron and has learned so much in the years I have known him. He is a sensitive soul who takes exceptional care of me when we are together. He is definitely the herd leader. His qualifications for this job are that he is the biggest and the oldest (he is twelve). Intuition tells me that my horse is a reluctant captain. I'm not sure that he always enjoys his job but he does it because no one else can. From him I have learned that sometimes you just have to be the boss even if you aren't feeling that brave. Do the best you can and stand by your decisions. Be confident, strong and firm but not violent. Take care of the others who look to you for guidance and take your job seriously! Thank you Dave for your wonderful wisdom!

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