Monday, September 19, 2016

Quality Time

Have you ever wondered if your chores will ever be done? Keeping your own horses at home requires hours of work! Poop patrol alone is a full time job where my big guys are concerned. I find myself spending so much time on the things that need doing that sometimes training gets put off. I know my horses needed training time but I was never good at balancing things out. That is until I had my last session with the farrier. Let me tell you that I love my farrier! He not only trims the horses hooves but also works with them if they behave badly. All three have come a long way from the wild, young horses they once were! The  morning of his arrival, I put flakes of hay out for all the horses to enjoy and
keep them occupied while the Mike worked. I grabbed one horse at a time off of the hay line and the farrier trimmed  away. In about an hour, all the horses feet were trimmed and looking great. That is when I had my light bulb moment! I could do this same procedure except instead of trimming I would train! Now, I usually do chores in the morning and training each afternoon. I'll be going into detail in a later post about what I am doing for training so look for that soon.

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