Sunday, November 27, 2016

Keep Trying!

I recently (over the last year) lost around thirty pounds and it wasn't easy. I basically ate a low carb diet and exercised about four times a week to and exercise CD (Jillian Michaels 12 Week Challenge) How does this relate to draft horses you may ask? Well if you are a home horse keeper like me staying healthy and strong is paramount. Riding large animals and caring for them requires a core of steel! Even though I  was feeling stronger and better there was a lingering fatigue and trouble sleeping that was taking away joy from my life. Instead of riding on a beautiful day, I napped. Not good! So, instead of chalking these problems up to getting older, I kept searching! I discovered the Stash Plan by Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy. Through this plan I learned the importance of gall bladder and liver health. Eating organically is an important part of this plan. And, I started to feel a little bit better! My new discoveries about health have crossed over to my animal's health concerns as well. I started feeding my chickens and organic layer pellet, my dog gets an omega 3 supplement and I am researching a new feed for the horses called Cool Stance which is coconut based!( I found this feed at the Equine Affaire). For me, I feel like a work in progress. I am still not happy with my lingering belly fat. My energy is getting better but not optimized yet! I am trying something new called Carb Cycling (nothing to do with bicycling). I'll let you know how that goes. Whatever quest you are on whether it is fixing a problem with your horses behavior or your personal health, don't give up! Keep trying new things until you find what you are looking for.

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