Sunday, December 11, 2016

Smart Tip For Worming

Spokesmodel Jack showing off our latest worming tools

Doing anything with three draft horses can feel just like a circus performance gone wrong. Which one will steal the other's food? Who will get kicked or bitten. Will the ringmaster (me) get run down? Normally, if you use a paste wormer, the medicine is supposed to be squirted in the back of the throat of the horse. I have one horse (Dave) who will tolerate this while the other two will not. To complicate things further, my veterinarian suggested I do a Panacur power pack treatment for each horse. That is five days of wormer per horse. Yikes! What a hassle! A friend suggested using good old fashion pancake syrup to help make the medicine go down. Basically what I did was squirt the tube of medicine in the feed bucket with their grain, added syrup and mixed the syrup into the wormer and grain. I was skeptical at first but it worked. The horses ate the grain and wormer without any issues! Try this the next time you worm. It works great!

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