Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dead birds in your water trough? Fix the problem by adding a bird bath!

My Simple Bird Bath

Hello! I'm back again after a rather long hiatus! Trying to find time to write has been a struggle for me to say the very least! I have had the great pleasure lately of listening to some amazing people through the miracle of podcasts and the wisdom imparted has really helped! One of my favorite podcasts is the Brian Buffini show. A recent interview I listened to on the Brian Buffini show was with Brian Tracy who is a success expert and best-selling author. I am implementing some of his strategies on how to to organize time to get the maximum done. I've just started and the system is working great. So, this is the first post of many to come thanks to the new time management system I have learned! Now, on to the post..... Have you ever discovered a dead bird in your horse's water trough? The poor little thing. Then there is the issue of having to dump water and clean the trough. Providing a simple bird bath near the water trough not only saves the birds but also may save you from discovering bird poop in your horse's drinking supply. A double bonus! An old feed bucket with a rock in the middle is all you need. The rock is important because it gives the birds a place to land and take-off from. Just clean the bird bath and add new water when you re-fill your horse's trough to prevent mosquitos from breeding in it. This is an easy solution to a big problem. I hope you will try it.

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