Monday, November 6, 2017

Shout Out to the NibbleNet!

My horse Finally is eating from his NibbleNet
Hello and thanks for reading this post! I want to say up front that as of now, any products that I mention here are strictly because I like them and they work for me. I will let you know if I get to the point of having sponsors for this blog but right now I don't! I have used NibbleNets from time to time over the twelve years I have had my horses. I have recently started using them on a regular basis. Why you may ask? Because I moved my horses to a new location with very sturdy wooden fencing. The wooden fence posts are a perfect place to attach the nets! (Before I had only solar power electric fence). The NibbleNets are great for several reasons. They are designed to SLOW down eating which is better for digestion. The nets also make it nearly impossible for the horses to get a leg or a foot caught up in them (Yes, this is a thing! I had it happen once and it was so frightening). My horses also seem to prefer eating from the NibbleNets as opposed to eating from the ground. Why? I think that pulling hay from the bag is more like pulling grass from the ground. They seem very happy pulling a little hay and then chewing it up. NibbleNets are available through various retailers and are made in the USA! The makers have a Facebook page and I am including a link to their website!

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